this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival is opening its CALL FOR ENTRIES.

Submit your documentaries, fictional features, short animations and experimental films related to human rights and sociopolitical issues.

this human world is looking forward to your submission!

LAST DAY! Winning Films!

Yesterday the jury announced the winning films of 5 competitions in the this human world award ceremony!

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6:00 pm Winning Film - youth jury

8:15 pm Winning Film - Austrian Competition


6:00 pm Winning Film - up and coming

8:30 pm Winning Film- International competition

Before every Winning film will be shown the Winning film TRUE OR FALSE of the exp:∆n:ded shorts competition.

We are very excited !

this human world winning films

Tickets for all the winner film screenings on Sunday can be bought directly through the page.

Ruth Wodak "Politik mit der Angst"

10.12.2016 / 12:30
Top Kino Saal 1

The analysis of the rightwing populism illustrates how the achievements of the Enlightenment are jeopardised, how rational thinking is forced onto the defensive and emotions more and more dictate politics.

with Ruth Wodak and Valentin Eisendle

first come, first served

free entry

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Celebrating with Viva con Agua!

We are celebrating this Friday evening together with the NGO Viva con Agua!

Come over!

When? 09.12.2016 at 11pm

Where? Opera Club (Mahlerstraße 11, 1010 Wien)

Entry: 5 €

Screening of Bath People

Bath People

Tomorrow we are screening Bath People at 4pm at Schikaneder. The perfect afternoon activity for a day off!

What kind of place is this last public bath in Turin? Here, where people of different backgrounds meet to take part in the same intimate ritual. With great caution the two filmmakers have a look at the "bath people" who are desperately trying not to drown on the edge of society.


Holy Cow

08.12.2016 / 12:30
Top Kino Saal 1

To ensure a better life for his family, Tapdig wants to fulfill his dream of buying a European cow. But the entire Azerbaijani village opposes to the idea. In this absurd and comic documentary about traditions and changes, an animal becomes a metaphor for prejudices against everything foreign.

In the presence of Andra Popescu

Screening of ​One day in Sarajevo



The assassination of the Archiduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy marks the beginning of the First World War. A century later the city is holding commemorations. Different footage and different people make up layers and scenes of this one day in Sarajevo.


What if it's a beautiful disease? Workshop

What if it's a beautiful disease? - Patrick O'Brien

Film as a medium of self-representation and self-empowerment for people with disabilities. In this open-format workshop, movies of different approaches from and with people with disabilities will be discussed.

5PM Top Kino Saal 2


Screening of Half-Life in Fukushima

Half-Life in Fukushima


In the presence of the filmmaker Mark Olexa.

Mark Olexa and Francesca Scalisi follow a Japanese farmer, who in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, decided to go back and live in his house within the radiation red zone. This is a journey into a surreal, post-apocalyptic landscape and a devastated ghost town. A stunning look at the scope of this nuclear tragedy.


Virtual Reality Experience

At the Festival Center in Schikaneder you have the opportunity to watch a virtual reality version of the film NOTES ON BLINDNESS.

The project NOTES ON BLINDNESS: INTO DARKNESS is based on sensory and psychological experiences of the film’s blind protagonist John Hull and takes you into a 3 dimensional world of audio and real-time animation.

Until December 12th daily from 15:00 – 20:00. Free entry!

In cooperation with: 3Hilft

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Have Fun!

this human world - festival sujet 2016

This year's festival sujet is the work of the syrian artist Ayham Jabr and part of his series Damascus under Siege.

My main field of work is video editing for TV Series and films; I also do graphic design, photography and digital and analog collages. My life during the war these six years is fortunately still better than a lot of Syrians who lived and still live in the dark side of it and have interesting stories that everyone should know about. I don't want speak for my self or for any one else I don't think I have the right and I hope my work will say more and better for my self.

- AYHAM JABR is an artist in Damascus.

this human world - festival trailer 2016

this human world - festival trailer 2016

This year's festival trailer is the work of the Finnish artist Arja Kärkkäinen. She is a video- and installation artist, who lives and works in Helsinki.

The Future is Ours to See

The Future is Ours to See thanks all the school classes and pupils who submitted their short films at The Future is Ours to See Competition !

We are looking forward to this year's edition of the competition at this human world!

this human world - Festival Trailer und Sujet 2016

this human world - Festival Trailer and Sujet 2016

For the first time festival trailer and poster sujet have been chosen by our jury from the submissions of two competitions. We would like to thank our jury: Robert Gabris, Julia Novacek, Marie Fegerl and Bernhard Fuchs.

"This year’s festival sujet by Ayham Jabr’s contrasts with other more usual film posters.The sometimes overlapping elements of the collaged poster demand an adjustment of the view and thus ideally represent this year’s this human world festival. Ayham Jabr is an artist living in Damascus. He is working mainly for films, series and visual editing; he also works as a graphic designer, photographer and with digital and analogue collages."

"Arja Käkkäinen's LOVE LETTER convinced with one single shot. LOVE LETTER plays in a clever way with expectations and transmits a simple gesture to the audience: Hey I like you. Arja Käkkäinen is a video and installation artist; she lives and works in Helsinki."

We are very excited!