(Queer-) Feminist Crossroads
(Queer-) Feminist Crossroads
Tuesday, 06.12.2022 |

Margaretenstraße 24,
A - 1040 Vienna



Feminist crossroads of all sorts become visible in this selection of shorts—because the fight for an equal world is all but over.

Queer belonging as a migrant is at the centre of the visually stunning film-poem Lost Arab as well as the hommage to New York’s voguing scene Safe Space. The collective performance film New Test 123 revolves around queer intersectional stories while Eyes and Horns, an artfully animated piece, tells the story of a genderfluid mythological being. She’s The Protagonist, a humorous roadtrip, describes the injustices performers are facing and The Golden Age offers a historical insight into the early world of animation and its underestimated workers. Will You Remember My Name chooses the female body as a surface of projection for discrimination and a space of negotiation of patriarchy and The Soloists invites us into the humoristic world (of restraints) of three singing sisters.

Lost Arab, Carine Koleilat, 2022, UK, 5 Min

Safe Space, Mirelle Borra, 2021, DE, 10 Min

Eyes and Horns, Chaerin Im, 2021, KR, 6 Min

She's The Protagonist, Sarah Carlot Jaber, 2021, BE, 14 Min

The Golden Age, Hannah Hamalian, 2021, US, 11 Min

Will You Remember My Name, Nooshyar Khalili, 2022, UK, 3 Min

The Soloists, Mehmarz Abdollahinia / Feben Woldehawariat / Razahk Issaka / Celeste Jamneck /Yi Liu, 2021, FR, 8 Min



gender shift // equal rights
expanded Shorts Competition

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conflict // collective activism
environmental change // changing environment
old myths // new antisemitism
gender shift // equal rights
new work realities