human rights film hub

The human rights film hub is an online platform that uses film as a starting point for encountering and addressing human rights issues.

Monthly programs

Monthly film programs are curated and reframed from the this human world archive on the one hand, while other parts of the program are composed of collaborations with other film festivals, associations, art and cultural events, university groups and curators.

The films will be complemented by recorded interviews, film talks, thematic discussions, performances and readings. The thematic focus will be within the broad spectrum of human rights, with content emphasizing critical reflection and perspective diversity.

The focus of the program design is to create a space for the versatile creative possibilities around film and to meet the new needs and necessities in the digital space.

Meeting point and exchange

The Hub is a meeting point for the exchange of different artistic and human rights related initiatives. Together, an interdisciplinary framing should succeed in creating a space for the multifaceted creative possibility around film - an opportunity to rethink and collectively develop curatorial practice in the digital space.

The interdisciplinary networking focuses on local, Austrian initiatives, but also aims to strengthen and expand existing relationships with other organizers internationally.

Hard Facts

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