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Fotocredit © Wolfgang Zajc

AUSTRIAN PRESIDENT Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen


Originally planned as a traditional cinema festival, this human world 2020 was redesigned as a hybrid festival to finally become this human world outlines.

this human world outlines is an online edition of the festival - with the wish to involve those loyal partner cinemas at a later date, from which we have to say goodbye for the time being.

A large part of the festival programme that was initially planned for the cinemas will now be shown online at this human world Festival-Hub during the festival period from 3 to 13 December. Many films will nevertheless be accompanied by pre-recorded Q&As, directors' statements and live discussion formats in the virtual space.

Unfortunately, other films and parts of the programme originally planned for the festival had to be cancelled due to the complete re-organisation of the festival format. However, it was important to us to have those films that are not shown online still mentioned in our festival programme - as a reminder that our programme was put together with the intention to be screened in cinemas.

The past year has been - and continues to be - full of challenges which, although new to us, are not in themselves new. A global pandemic has shaped our environment this year and created uncertainty and pain. Problems such as collapsing health care systems, the lack of financial security, fragile education systems, the increasing isolation of elderly and vulnerable people, and the often precarious living conditions of refugees, are now even more present.

Fotocredit © Lorenz Zenleser

At a time when inequalities are becoming increasingly visible and global rifts are deepening, it is all the more important to create a space for exchange, discussion and cohesion.

We therefore invite our audience to share this experiment with us! The festival has temporarily taken on a new form and we hope that this version, born out of necessity, will be an experience for the this human world team and audience - from which new, enriching forms of working, seeing, sharing and interacting will eventually emerge.

this human world remains a platform for political reflection and cinematic diversity, uncompromisingly committed to a free, peaceful, democratic world. A place rooted in solidarity, that expresses compassion to all those who have been affected by the upheavals, caesuras and acts of violence of the recent months.

Lisa Heuschober & Michael Schmied
Festival directors

Lisa Wegenstein & Johannes Wegenstein

& the entire this human world festival team