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Ayham Jabr - from the series of "Damascus under Siege"

Motivation from the Jury

"This year’s festival sujet by Ayham Jabr’s contrasts with other more usual film posters.The sometimes overlapping elements of the collaged poster demand an adjustment of the view and thus
ideally represent this year’s this human world festival."

Ayham Jabr

Ayham Jabr is an artist living in Damascus. He is working mainly for films, series and visual editing; he also works as a graphic designer, photographer and with digital and analogue collages.

"My life during the war these 6 years is fortunately still better than a lot of Syrians who lived and still are living the dark side of it and got interesting stories that everyone should know about. I don´t want to speak for my self or for any one else I don´t think I have the right and I hope my work will say more and better for my self."


Arja Käkkäinen - "Love Letter"

Motivation from the Jury "Arja Käkkäinen´s Love Letter convinced with one single shot. Love Letter plays in a clever way with expectations and transmits a simple gesture to the audience: Hey, I like you."

Arja Käkkäinen
Arja Käkkäinen is a video and installation artist; she lives and works in Helsinki.

Jury für Sujet und Trailer

Julia Novacek

Marie Fegerl und Bernhard Fuchs (SOYBOT)

Robert Gabris