Neon Spring
Neon Spring
Saturday, 03.12.2022 |
Top Kino Saal 1

Rahlgasse 1 (corner of Theobaldgasse)
1060 Vienna


Laine is already busy with her studies and the divorce of her emotionally distant parents and now also has to take responsibility for her younger brother, who has his own problems. Overwhelmed, she dives into Riga’s rave and drug scene. Between hypnotic beats and nocturnal forays through the city, she makes new friends, and lovers and encounters human abysses, not least her own. It is an old story reimagined; a film about coming of age told with refreshing sobriety, which refrains from giving big answers.


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gender shift // equal rights
International Competition

Supporting programme

After the film there will be a Q&A with Matīss Kaža (director).

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conflict // collective activism
environmental change // changing environment
old myths // new antisemitism
gender shift // equal rights
new work realities