Podiumsdiskussion: Klare Rollen im Gedächtnistheater?
Podiumsdiskussion: Klare Rollen im Gedächtnistheater?
Wednesday, 07.12.2022 |

Margaretenstraße 24,
A - 1040 Vienna



Panel discussion in cooperation with Jüdische österreichische Hochschüler:innen (JöH)

With their much-discussed short film Maseltov Cocktail, Arkadij Khaet and Mickey Paatzsch have turned the representation of young Jews in film culture on its head: their protagonist does not fit into the socially prescribed role of "victim", but literally fights back.

This fighting back is a central motif in the question of representation of young Jews in the German-speaking public, because a large part of them come from countries of the former USSR, their ancestors fought for the victory over Nazi Germany. At the same time, Jewish resistance in Israel and in Diaspora communities has an extraordinary significance that hardly finds a place in the "theatre of memory" (Michael Bodemann) of the European majority societies.


Victoria Borochov (President, Jewish Austrian Students)

Bini Guttmann (Former President, European Union of Jewish Students)

Chris Steinberger (Keshet Österreich)

Jenny Mitbreit - Head of the Youth Department and the dialogue project "Likrat" of the IKG Vienna (requested)




old myths // new antisemitism


Jüdische österreichische Hochschüler:innen

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conflict // collective activism
environmental change // changing environment
old myths // new antisemitism
gender shift // equal rights
new work realities