Power of the People
Power of the People
Tuesday, 06.12.2022 |
Top Kino Saal 1

Rahlgasse 1 (corner of Theobaldgasse)
1060 Vienna



Laura lives in Finland and has a European mother and an African father. She is a young woman who stands up against racism using poetry and activism. The film accompanies her on a trip to England and Chicago, where she encounters people facing the same issues: They talk about flight and belonging, gun violence, microaggressions, and trauma. Major questions of our time become palpable in this film through Laura’s eyes. How is change possible in entrenched structures? The answers Laura finds are not always full of hope, but her search inspires and uplifts nonetheless.



gender shift // equal rights

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conflict // collective activism
environmental change // changing environment
old myths // new antisemitism
gender shift // equal rights
new work realities