The Happy Worker – Or How Work Was Sabotaged
The Happy Worker – Or How Work Was Sabotaged
Monday, 05.12.2022 |
Top Kino Saal 2

Rahlgasse 1 (corner of Theobaldgasse)
1060 Vienna


Who wants to work anyway? In an equally funny and gripping documentary, John Webster gets to the bottom of the problems of modern office life. Bullshit jobs, endless meetings, and burnout induced Sisyphus work are questioned with much irony from an economic, psychological, and anthropological point of view, giving a voice to both those affected and experts. How does a toxic work environment develop, which almost systematically prevents creativity and joy? This film looks for answers and finds them in incompetent managers, the school system, and capitalism.


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new work realities


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conflict // collective activism
environmental change // changing environment
old myths // new antisemitism
gender shift // equal rights
new work realities