Tolyatti Adrift
Tolyatti Adrift
Sunday, 04.12.2022 |

Margaretenstraße 24,
A - 1040 Vienna


Tolyatti once symbolized Soviet pride, being famous for its automobile industry. The legendary car “LADA” was produced here. Now the city is impoverished and offers few opportunities for young people. Laura Sister follows Slava, Misha, and Lera with all their conflicts and dreams during a time in which they are confronted with adulthood for the first time. In this place where the future seems to be a dystopia, the youngsters and their friends repair old Ladas to drift with them, which for these young people is a distraction, rebellion, and a hopeful expression at the same time.


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new work realities
up and coming Competition

Supporting programme

After the film there will be a Q&A with Laura Sisteró (director).


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new work realities