Workshop: Storytelling in Question
Workshop: Storytelling in Question
Saturday, 03.12.2022 |
Stand 129

Marktstand 129-132, Viktor Adler Platz
1100 Vienna



Films not only depict realities, but also influence them. They contribute to our perception and opinion formation and shape what is considered normal within a society. Viewers should be able to find themselves in the characters and stories shown. But marginalized groups and lifeworlds are often underrepresented here or portrayed in a stereotypical way. There are far more stories and perspectives than those of the white heterosexual middle class, diverse narratives are still barely represented.

In the workshop "Storytelling in question" we as Visibilities collective would like to get into an exchange with you, sharpen the view and talk about stereotypes. Which stories are told and how? By sharing own perspectives and discussing exemplary film sequences, we want to question the way of storytelling.

 Finally, we will work together on an empowering contribution to the topic of representation through our own small stop-motion project.

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gender shift // equal rights



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conflict // collective activism
environmental change // changing environment
old myths // new antisemitism
gender shift // equal rights
new work realities