Youth jury

Eleni Mak

Eleni Mak is 16 years old and when she is not out with friends or watching series, she loves to tell stories either on stage or privately on her laptop. Eleni is part of the young jury for the first time this year.

Anais Sturm

Anais Sturm places great importance on equality between men, women, and all genders in between. She advocates for a near future where all individuals, regardless of their skin color or religion, are treated equally. That's why she has decided to participate in the Youth Jury this year.

Tarek Lehner

Tarek Lehner is 15 years old and a student of the 10th grade. His hobbies include theater and acting and meeting friends :). Since you don't know what it's like to award a film until you've done it, he decided to join the youth jury.