Official Festival Statement on Hugo Blanco and Malena Martínez Cabrera

We are seeing the public denunciation of Hugo Blanco Galdós and Malena Martínez Cabrera, film director of “Hugo Blanco, Deep River”, with great concern.

“Hugo Blanco, Deep River” portrays the leader of peasant struggles and resistance in Peru and former deputy, Hugo Blanco Galdós. He was active in the organization of peasants into trade unions in defense of indigenous rights and for the redistribution of land and played a leading role in the Confederación Campesina del Perú (CPC). He was also elected to the Constituent Assembly of 1979 as a deputy in the Congress of the Republic (a position he occupied until 1985) and later as a Senator (1990-1992), while representing workers, peasants and indigenous people. Hugo Blanco has been an important figure of the indigenous peasant movement against large estates and extractivism and was key for putting the Peruvian agrarian reform into effect.

Malena Martínez Cabrera’s documentary has sparked hostile, public reactions by Perú’s right and extreme right politicians and military groups, who have made serious defamatory accusations against the filmmaker and her work and in an attempt to criminalize and discredit Hugo Blanco.

As a film festival dedicated to human rights, we repudiate these reactions and condemn any authoritarian actions, as well as any attempt at censorship against artistic works.

By attempting to silence voices like Malena’s, these efforts are directly censoring artistic expressions that raise important questions and critically examine official narratives of the past.

As this human world, we see ourselves as a platform to defend democratic freedom of expression and those active in their defense both through art and political activism. We therefore want to openly express our solidarity with Malena Martínez Cabrera.

Lara Bellon & Michael Schmied (festival directors)

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Online Screening: DEMOCRACY - Im Rausch der Daten

Within the framework of the cooperation with the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) this human world presented a film to contemporary issues around democracy, data protection and human rights.
The film adresses the topics of the latest surveys of FRA, which was released on the 25th of June. In this context FRA organized a highly interesting online discussion:

The film was online here from the 25th of June, 6pm to the 28th of June 11:59pm.

DEMOCRACY - Im Rausch der Daten
by David Bernet
Documentary, 2015, GER
100 min, OV with engl. Subt.

Digitalization has changed society. While data is the „new Oil“, data protection has to become the new „pollution control“. This film begins in „pre-Snowden“ times, when a group of European lawmakers starts to challenge the political and economical weights in digital society with a new law for data protection. Industry and Member States already declare their discontent about the new ideas of a more efficient data protection regime proposed by Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Justice. Reding is in charge to maneuver the new law through the legislative process. But lobbyists get really alarmed when the European Parliament appoints the 30 year old parliamentarian Jan Philipp Albrecht to become the chief negotiator for this important dossier. Albrecht, specialized in net politics and civil rights, is now to be the leading character of the European data protection debate. During the two years of negotiations the pressure by industry stakeholders and adverse political groups is becoming so intense that the political standing of Albrecht gets in danger. Until Snowden enters the world stage and changes the game. DEMOCRACY is both, a film about modern lawmaking in a highly complex world and a film about the future of digital society affecting all of us. (farbfilm)

The film was online here from the 25th of June, 6pm to the 28th of June 11:59pm.

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For this year's festival edition, we are looking for a poster that creatively approaches the diverse topics related to human rights.

The design should work both as a poster and in an adapted form as a sticker and folding flyer.

It is important to us that the poster design does not fall back on the clichéd or stereotyped images and representations which are often reproduced in the human rights context. It should not be an explicit treatise or representation of human rights, in which prejudices, dualisms or power differences are being reproduced, but rather a sensitive approach to this complex topic.

Click here to see the open call

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Call for Entries 2020

this human world is looking for your films!

Submit to the following competitions:
- International Competition
- Austrian Competition
- Up & Coming Competition
- Exp:an:ded Shorts

All films must be submitted on Filmfreeway: Click here

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Winning film - Audience Award

FOR SAMA - Waad al-Kateab & Edward Watts

We are very happy to announce the winning film of the audience award!
Congratulations to the film FOR SAMA byWaad al-Kateab andEdward Watts.
The prize is endowed with 1.000€.

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Winning Film: YOUTH Jury Award



Dieser Film war in mehrfacher Hinsicht herausragend:

Die Filmemacher_innen haben trotz schwieriger Umstände einen fesselnden Film geschaffen, der den Zuseher_innen eine starke Botschaft übermittelt. Wir konnten sehen, dass viel Aufwand und Energie in diesen Film geflossen sind. Die filmische Umsetzung und der Schnitt ermöglichten uns, uns wirklich auf die Handlung und die Protagonistinnen und Protagonisten einzulassen.

Der Film hat uns auf eine emotionale Reise mitgenommen, die mal traurig, mal frustrierend war, aber auch voll kleiner Momente der Hoffnung und des Glücks. Er zeigt, wie man das Beste aus schlimmen Situationen machen kann.

Mit seiner schonungslosen Ehrlichkeit hat uns der Film nicht nur ermöglicht, aus erster Hand einen Einblick in eine unvorstellbare Situation zu bekommen, es hat uns darüber hinaus auch dazu angeregt, unsere eigenen Vorannahmen zu überdenken. Wir sind überzeugt, dass gerade junge Menschen diesen Film sehen sollen, um ihre Perspektive auf dieses Thema um weitere wichtige Aspekte zu bereichern. Er gibt Menschen eine Stimme, die im öffentlichen Diskurs nur allzu oft nicht zu Wort kommen.

Jury: Susanna Bauer, Lena Hinterhölzl, Carla Lauggas, Shirin Öksüz

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Winning Film - Austrian Competition



Der diesjährige Preis der Austrian Competition geht an einen Film, der sich mit zeitgeschichtlichen Momenten, aber auch mit Momenten der Gegenwart beschäftigt - Momente in denen Haltung gezeigt wird. Feinfühlig und mit mutiger Montage erzählt die Filmemacherin die Geschichten couragierter Frauen und schafft es einen Dialog über Generationen hinweg herzustellen, der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart verbindet. Es sind Geschichten von individuellen Entscheidungen, die gerade in Zeiten wie diesen, in denen Menschen weltweit mit Situationen konfrontiert sind, die nicht einfach hingenommen werden können, besonders wichtig sind erzählt zu werden. Geschichten, die uns daran erinnern nicht einfach wegzuschauen.

Jury: Marie-Christine Hartig, Kenan Kilic, Vanessa Spanbauer

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WINNING Film - Up&Coming

FONJA by Lina Zacher, Raharisoa Sitrakaniaina, Adrimamy Fenotoky Alpha, Raharison Nantenaina Adriano, Rakotondrabe Jean Chrisostome, Adrianamelana Erick Edwin, Andrianatoandro Ravo Henintsoa, Rakotondrasoa Elani Eric, Radrialalaina Todisoa Niaina Sylvano, Rakotoarimanana Harinjiva and Rafeno Fitahiana Sadify Henintsoa


This multilayered intimate play leads us into a closed-off microcosm, weaves together documentary and fiction and, at the same time, addresses the craft and social moments of filmmaking itself. A film within a film within a film.

A young German director creates a space of possibility within the

isolation of a juvenile prison in Madagascar. She sparks passion, hope, and confidence and hands her team the tools they need to cut, so to speak, a window to the world into their prison walls.

Through a collective self-portrait, a seemingly lost generation finds their own strong voice. As filmmakers, they not only allow us a glimpse into their lives but to be a part of reflexive and self-empowering processes that stretch far beyond the cinematic project.

Quote: „One month from now I will be free [...] Actually I shouldn´t

worry. There will be no problem. I can do many things. I can make

things. I know about the camera. [...] There was this workshop about film. I can invent things.“

We are very happy to award this price to the film Fonja by Lina Zacher, Raharisoa Sitrakaniaina, Adrimamy Fenotoky Alpha, Raharison Nantenaina Adriano, Rakotondrabe Jean Chrisostome, Adrianamelana Erick Edwin, Andrianatoandro Ravo Henintsoa, Rakotondrasoa Elani Eric, Radrialalaina Todisoa Niaina Sylvano, Rakotoarimanana Harinjiva and Rafeno Fitahiana Sadify Henintsoa.

Jury: Gerald Kerkletz, Gregor Schmidinger, Lotte Schreiber

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WINNING FILM - exp:an:ded shorts

PRISONER OF SOCIETY by Rati Tsiteladze


This film is so full of pain. Anger, fear, danger and pain and is incredibly confrontational and provocative in all those emotions. „Perhaps this is a situation in which no one would wish to be in my place“ the protagonist says. She is a prisoner of her own body, her home, her family and of society. Watching the film in a cinema, the quiet and subtle sound crawls under your skin and gives a sense of how trapped she is but also how imprisoned we all are - in our own prejudices and ignorance. So well executed as a whole and fitted perfectly to the story of a transgender woman in Georgia, the film is a well rounded and in our eyes an incredibly important piece of art, that we are glad to know. The winner of the expanded shorts competition program is „Prisoner of Society“ by Rati Tsiteladze.

Jury: Anna Prischl, Cecilia Araneda, Elisabeth Hajek

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