Four Daughters

Les filles d'Olfa

Four Daughters
Thursday, 30.11.2023 |

Parkring 12,
1010 Vienna


Olfa is the mother of four daughters. When the two older ones disappear one day and Olfa discovers that she has lost them both to ISIS, she falls into deep desperation. To heal from this traumatic experience, she decides to retell the story with the help of director Kaouther Ben Hania. With the assistance of two actresses who take on the roles of the two missing daughters, a unique narrative emerges, blurring the lines between documentary and fiction, theater and film. Les filles d’Olfa is an intimate journey full of hope, rebellion, tradition and violence and questions the fundaments of our society using the example of the coexistence of a family that has been torn apart.


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Continent in Focus: Africa

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